Long Live the Queen



The year is 1953. We find ourselves at the home of Sir Richard Barrow in Karen on the outskirts of Nairobi. The Lord owns a prize winning horse called Long Live the Queen which is worth a fortune to the horse dealer Leslie Callaghan; Crispin Kamau has been ordered by Mau Mau revolutionaries to murder Barrow’s horse. The Cook Olando Otieno is caught in the middle. How will writer Jedida Oneko unfold the puzzle?


Long Live the Queen was performed alongside the popular Miss Brown and a new performance in development by Chebet Beryl called  Berur on Saturday 21st March at Casual Bite.

It was an evening of theatre and discussion, good food and conversation as part of Casual Bite’s regular series of Art Events.







The Attack of the Shidas

The Theatre Company of Kenya, in collaboration with Storymoja, created a live performance of the   novel ‘The Attack of the Shidas-AKAS Save Planet Earth’ by Muthoni Muchemi. Click on this link to view a short preview of the play. http://vimeo.com/67944498

‘The Attack of the Shidas’ is about children from different communities in Kenya who realize that the only way to save their land from conflict over a well, is by working together. ‘The Attack of the Shidas’ addresses the very delicate and contentious issue of discrimination by providing simple and practical messages to children and adults in an entertaining manner. As all Kenyans will recognise the theme of the play, it is interesting for people from all ages and backgrounds.

This play is available for booking by hotels, restaurants, schools, offices and other venues.




Kimbia; an exciting theatrical show based on the thrills, temptations, desires and fears of Kenyan Athletes


The world knows Kenya as a running nation. Since its inception in the 1950’s, athletics has grown into a nationalist sport- a symbol of national unity and pride. Kenyan runners are loved and admired worldwide. However, little is known about them as people and what they go through to achieve such great heights. In order to tell the story of the athletes, The Theatre Company of Kenya has developed, in close consultation with the actual runners, a brand new performance called ‘Kimbia’, which literally means, “run”. ‘Kimbia’ is an exciting, innovative and collaborative theatrical show of five short plays, based on the thrills, temptations, desires and fears of Kenyan Athletes.


Kimbia can be booked now for shows at schools, hotels, restaurants, offices and other venues.

For a short preview have a look at the following link: https://vimeo.com/78607846








piCaSSo iN KeNia

Picasso in Kenia is an exciting and original collaboration between The Theatre Company of Kenya and the Dutch company, TiNaNiNaNi.
Originally written by their director, Ari Peterse, the performance examines the connections between the work and ideas of the most talked-about artist of the 20th Century, Pablo Picasso, and African art, using a combination of pathos, humour and music.
The piece has been explored and developed with the current TTC Training group, Dianna Kameta, Sunday Ndambia, Mvavu Eve-Onne, Eric Wanyama and Martin Kigondu, along with Dembede Mido, Sylviah Namussasi, Liz Enane and Chebet Beryl. The TiNaNiNaNi members are Frans Siekman, Susan van Hulst, Fonge Frieling, Kamee Frieling and Jasper Valent.
Extracts of the show were performed to patrons at the new and exciting Casual Bite Coffee Bar in Westlands on Thursday the 7th of August, and the whole show at Klub Quest (next to Barclays Bank) in Nanyuki on Saturday the 2nd of August at 4pm and at our studio on Wednesday the 6th of August, at 6pm.